Common Deployment Applications for Downhole Instrumentation

Perm Services and GEO PSI offer a wide range of deployment applications for downhole instrumentation that we manufacturer.

Our talented field installation and service crews have experience in many different completion and drilling environments including:

  • Service Rigs
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Slant Rigs
  • Horizontal Completion
  • Multi Stage Fracing
  • Perforating
  • Coiled Tubing Deployments
  • Sour and other hostile environments.
  • Jack Up Rigs
  • Suspended aka “Wireline Deployments”
  • Drop Spool aka “Memory Recorder with Real Time Surface Readout”
  • Pump Down Instrumentation Solutions
  • Artificial Lift Systems (PC Pumps, ESP Pumps, and Rod Pumps)
  • High Pressure
  • Enhanced Recovery Strategies (Steam, Water Floods, Polymer Injection)
  • Heavy Oil

Perm Services often helps customers design completions that accommodate the installation of downhole instrumentation.

The engineering and product development team at GEO PSI designs and manufactures downhole instrumentation that are suitable for many different types of downhole instrumentation and surface monitoring solutions. Our downhole sensors, instrumentation cable, cable protectors, surface sensors, and data acquisition equipment are capable of measuring:

  • Downhole “Sandface” Pressure and Temperature
  • Downhole Pump Vibration
  • Conductivity
  • Annular Pressure
  • Pump Intake Pressure
  • Tubular Pressure
  • Pump Discharge Pressure
  • Distributed Temperature Profile “SAGD”
  • SAGD Heel and Toe Pressure Systems
  • Multiple zone pressure and temperature data systems
  • Surface Casing and Tubing Pressure
  • Downhole Stimulation Data – Sample frequency of 10 times per second.

Most importantly, we have several effective strategies to give our customer the data they require to optimize the reservoir or wellbore. These include:

  • SCADA/DCS Integration
  • Surface Data Acquisition Units (Solar, AC, DC)
  • VFD Automation
  • Cellular and Satellite Real Time Reporting
  • “Data to Desk” Secure Client Web Interface
  • Third Party Integration (Flow Meters, Surface Instrumentation)
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