The Power of Vertical Integration

Our organization has a tremendous manufacturing capability that provides a powerful competitive advantage. In the past three years we have manufactured more than 1,200 permanent downhole sensors with certified wellhead feed-thrus, over 3,400,000 feet of downhole instrumentation cable and more than 75,000 cable protector clamps. Our high level of vertical integration eliminates several middlemen and we are able to offer high quality solutions at reasonable prices.

Our Calgary-based 38,000 square feet manufacturing facility provides:

  • Downhole Instrumentation Cable Plant
  • Calibration Services
  • Downhole Sensor Manufacturing
  • Surface Data Acquisition Manufacturing
  • Field Service Equipment Fabrication
  • Logistic Centre

Sensor Manufacturing

  • Quartz Technology
  • Piezo-Resistive aka Saphire Technology
  • Piezometers aka Vibrating Wire Technology
  • Single and multi-zone completions for conventional land or platform based oil and gas wells.
  • Prolific ESP & PC pump wells.
  • Casing deployed systems
  • Integrated Vibration Measurement for Artificial Lift Management
  • Conductivity Sensors
  • SAGD Heel and Toe Pressure Collection
  • SAGD Distributed Temperature via Thermocouples

Service & Equipment

  • Field Service
  • Installer Training
  • Back Pressure Spooler Units
  • Specialized Field Install Tools

Real Time Downhole Fluid Level Monitoring Systems
(4-20mA Pressure Technology)

  • VFD Controlled Rod Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, and ESP Pumps
  • Water Floods, CO2 Injection, Salt Water Disposal Systems
  • Cost Effective CBM Dewatering
  • Fresh Water Well Monitoring

Downhole Instrumentation Cable (Tube Wire)

  • 4mm and ¼” Stainless Steel & Inconel
  • Thermocouples (SAGD)
  • Encapsulated
  • Multi-Wire Flat Packs
  • Capillary Line
  • Hi Temp Quad Conductor Line SAGD Piezometers