Perm Services

Perm Services’ team of field technician installers have successfully deployed hundreds of real time continuous pressure temperature monitoring systems world-wide in all types of completion environments including: Drilling Rigs, Service Rigs, Jack Up Rigs, Wireline, and Coil Tubing Deployments.

Installation Track Record

GEO PSI, Perm Services North America Downhole Installation Performance Dashboard


Above all else, Perm Services is committed to workplace safety with a fully integrated safety program. GEO PSI’s specialized installation tools make real time downhole gauge installations safer. One example is the surface feed-thru guide assembly, which greatly reduces the chance of a technician accidentally being crushed when feeding downhole instrumentation cable through a bonnet.

Customer Service

Perm Services’ goal is to build and maintain beneficial long term relationships with important Oilfield Operating Companies, Service Companies, and Joint Venture Partnerships. We offer ongoing support and technical assistance.

Perm Services has developed a meticulous deployment standard which includes:

Job Planning

Perm Services works closely with O&G completion personnel to fully understand wellbore conditions and completion technology. We ensure that continuous downhole pressure and temperature monitoring equipment is safe and reliable. Technical assessment includes metallurgy consultation, downhole schematic including drift analysis, surface power requirement, and data management plan.

Preinstall Services

Our work begins long before the day of the install. Standard pre-install services include:

  • Surface verification of electronic gauges.
  • Make up of downhole sub-assembly.
  • Thread inspection and fitting.
  • Resistance testing of downhole instrumentation cable.
  • System function test of surface electronics.

Job Site

Pressure test carrier assembly on deck (internal sensing).
Pressure test gauge and cablehead on rig floor.
Spool slip ring commutator continuously monitors downhole pressure and temperature with the gauge. We often use this data to provide the customer a gradient or cement set bond log.
Post Job Support
Our job doesn’t end when the installation is complete. We provide on-going maintenance, support and customer training.

Consulting & Technical Training

Perm Services’ offers technical support for artificial lift manufacturers, overseas service companies, and agents. This typically includes installation and support training as well as custom fabrication and supply of specialized installation equipment packages. Perm Services has proudly helped several service companies and agents develop a successful Permanent Downhole Gauge service company in several different foreign countries.

The World of Geo & Perm

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