Downhole Wireless Data via Electromagnetic Telemetry (EM)

GEO PSI the most innovative downhole instrumentation company in the world. Our wireless tools are compact, rugged, energy efficient, and extremely easy to use.

EM technology conveys bottomhole data such as pressure, temperature or inclination through radio transmission to the surface. The data is digitally imposed on an ultra-low frequency wave.

The greatest advantage of EM is that no downhole instrumentation cable (TEC) is required.

This allows GEO PSI tools to be used in applications and situations that could not be attempted before. 

The most common is pressure measurement and can be used in a variety of situations such has open-hole drillstem testing, falloff tests, coiled tubing and certain cased-hole applications.

Another interesting application is inclination measurement in the drilling industry. The system allows the drilling rig to accurately measure the inclination of vertical section of the wellbore and drastically reduce the survey time, allowing the operator to save money while helping preserve wellbore integrity.

Our wireless tools can available in a multitude configurations to best suit the application that the operator requires. 

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