Vertical Integration

Why our unique strategy makes our systems the most dependable on the market.

We believe that every measurement system, from downhole gauge to surface electronics should be optimized to provide the most reliable performance, and seamless integration possible. The only way to ensure the absolute highest quality of our systems, is to design and build each component ourselves.


Unlike many of our competitors, we are highly specialized and vertically integrated. Our sole focus is to produce the absolute best real time downhole pressure & temperature monitoring solutions. In order to do this, we have taken over the complete development process for each of our components.



Our combined technical and field experience allows us to understand the current and future needs of our customers. Our research process is driven by a desire to find innovative solutions to our customers problems.



We engineer the most reliable systems in the industry. Every component is not only designed to work seamlessly with each other, but they are also designed to provide quick and reliable installation in the field.



We have developed innovative manufacturing techniques and utilize advanced tools such as our electron-beam welder to ensure the quality of our components. Every part, even the ones you will never see are assembled with care and accuracy.

Take An Inside Look At How We Do What We Do

We’re proud to bring you behind the scenes and show you what goes into making us the most vertically integrated company in the industry. You’ll also get an inside look into how we make the world’s most innovative and reliable downhole monitoring systems!


Quality Control

Every product that leaves our manufacturing facility undergoes scrutinous inspection. Autonomous and manual quality control checks are a part of every step of the production process.


Our process results in many benefits for our customers. Not only does it greatly improve the quality and reliability of our systems, but by cutting out middle men we are able to pass all of our savings forward to you.


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