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The Best Material For Downhole Capillary Tube Duplex 205 vs Stainless Steel 316L GEO PSI
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Jeff Scott

The Best Material For Downhole Capillary Tube: Duplex 2205 vs. Stainless Steel 316L

We put Duplex 2205 and Stainless Steel 316L head-to-head to see which is best for downhole capillary tube applications! Why the debate? In a world full of custom alloys and specialty metallurgies for specialty capillary tube  applications Duplex 2205 and Stainless Steel 316L stand out as the most common options for general downhole use. Their competitive pricing and overall durability and corrosion resistance make them perfect for most downhole applications. Specialty alloys offer superior corrosion resistance, but they can come at a cost. Through all of the shakeup that has

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Nick Nazarovs

The Best Thermocouple Card For Downhole Temperature Monitoring

We are proud to officially announce the all new GEOXTR 18pt Thermocouple Input Card! A New Standard For Quality Born out of a need for higher-quality data, industry-specific capability, and far superior long-length thermocouple performance, the GEOXTR-18 has been designed to operate in a class of its own. Setting a new standard for quality and

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Mutli-Well Fiber Optic Project Petronas Energy Canada Ltd GEO PSI
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Jeff Scott

Multi-Well Fiber Optic Project: Petronas Energy Canada Ltd.

We are proud to announce that along with our partner Silixa we have been awarded a multi-well fiber optic project by Petronas Energy Canada Ltd. Petronas Energy Canada Ltd. has awarded GEO PSI and our partner Silixa a multi-well fiber optic project. Silixa will provide their advanced fiber solutions in all the wells, and we

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