Breakthrough In ESP Monitoring: ESP Mini 125

The ESP Mini 125 is the world's smallest downhole ESP gauge. It enables economic monitoring while providing industry-leading data quality.

A Massive, Micro-Sized Innovation

We have a developing ESP monitoring product line full of innovative products designed for various applications. With over 12 years of real-time downhole monitoring experience, and well over 13,000 downhole gauge installs under our belt, our team has leveraged their experience to develop best-in-class ESP monitoring solutions.

We have utilized our proven technology and combined technical experience to develop a line of products that will cover all aspects of the global ESP market. In addition to equipment that is commonly in use today, we have developed never before seen ESP solutions that we believe will change the ESP gauge landscape.

One such innovation is the development of a micro-sized gauge which introduces best-in-class pressure resolution, leading reliability, universal compatibility, and all the benefits of being only a fraction of the size of a traditional ESP gauge. Our new ESP Mini 125 gauge is a breakthrough innovation that we believe has the opportunity to change ESP monitoring for companies around the world.

Figure 1: ESP Mini 125 vs traditional 8 channel ESP gauge

The Smallest ESP Gauge Ever Developed

The ESP Mini 125 is the smallest ESP gauge ever developed. And it’s not just smaller by a narrow margin, it’s a fraction of the size of anything else on the market!

Unless you have experience with traditional ESP gauges or see the ESP Mini 125 side-by-side with a conventional 7-8 channel ESP gauge, the significance of this size reduction may be difficult to comprehend. At just over 12” in length, the ESP Mini 125 comes in at only 40% as long.

However, the most dramatic change is one you will immediately feel. While traditional ESP gauges can weigh more than 50 lbs, our ESP Mini 125 weighs in at a mere 1.32 lbs! Being less than 3% of the weight of a traditional ESP gauge makes for simplified transport and easy handling in the field. Significant time savings during installation, and dramatically reduced shipping costs contribute even further to the overall cost savings the ESP Mini 125 provides.

ESP Mini vs GEOESP 150 Dual EV Mock-Up Graphic

Figure 2: ESP Mini 125 vs GEOESP 150 Dual EV size & weight comparison

A Green Solution

While these size and weight savings have many direct practical and financial benefits to the end user, they also present significant environmental savings as well.

The use of dramatically less raw materials, easier manufacturing, and simplified transportation and logistics lead to a greatly reduced carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. For many global companies operating at scale these environmental factors are a significant consideration.

For companies running thousands of wells with multiple gauges a year, our ESP Mini 125 is a gauge solution that your accounting team, engineers, and shareholders will love.

ESP Mini 125 (Green Environmental Benefits) GEO PSI

Figure 3: ESP Mini 125 environmental benefits

Small Footprint, Big Capabilities

While the ESP Mini 125 may be small, it has massive capability. Packed inside its small form factor are a number of features that let it not only compete with traditional tools 50x it’s size, but that actually exceed their capability!

Our ESP Mini 125 achieves all of these mechanical feats while providing best-in-class pressure resolution & accuracy rivalling our best digital gauges! With an impressive pressure accuracy of ± 0.05% Full Scale and resolution of 0.01 psi, this tool can deliver high-quality data suitable for reservoir analysis and engineering. This data is delivered in real-time, with updates received at surface every 20-25 secs.    

The ESP Mini 125 is built for reliability. The fully welded design is engineered to withstand high-pressure & high-vibration environments. And the Military Grade ORB-10 connection provides a bullet-proof leak-free connection between the gauge and the bottom of the pump assembly. Every aspect of this tools mechanical design has been engineered to provide the reliability you would expect from us here at GEO PSI.

This breakthrough design and advanced technology unlocks a wide range of possibilities. Since every ESP gauge already has cable running downhole, we believe it should be fully utilized to enable real-time downhole pressure & temperature monitoring.

Integrating into any ESP motor with an indistry-standard Y-point connection, this gauge communicates via the 3-phase ESP power cable requiring no additional cables for communication. And with its small size, adapters of any size or configuration can be used to adapt to any motor.

Beyond its mechanical compatibility, our M6 surface card has been pre-mapped with the industry’s most common Modbus registers for plug-and-play integration into almost any VFD.

Bridging A Gap In The Market

The ESP Mini 125 was designed to bridge a gap in the market. This tool is a lower-cost solution, with high manufacturing capacity.  The small size allows us to reduce the manufacturing cost, reduce the number of components needed, and be able to consistently deliver our product even in the face of unreliable supply chains.

These economic advantages make it easier for customers to buy the ESP Mini 125 in bulk, reducing costs on the tool itself as well as the costs of logistics.  This all adds up to it being a far more economical solution that enables companies to run gauges where they wouldn’t traditionally be run, and ultimately acquire more downhole data to further optimize their operations. 

Retrieving real-time data across a specific field is becoming more valuable every day with the development of advanced optimization software. Having permanent real-time data from all your ESP’s in the field provides users with optics throughout. Our complete ESP monitoring product line helps enable this, and the ESP Mini 125 gauge has a unique role to play when it comes to enabling cost-effective, zero-comprimise monitoring for users around the world.

ESP Product Line Hero Render GEO PSI

Figure 4: Render of new GEO PSI ESP product line. Some products not included in image

Easy Adoption For All Users

To accelerate adoption for users around the world we have done a number of things to make the integration of this new tool design seamless.

First, our use of familiar telemetry and the pre-mapping of Modbus registers makes integration into surface equipment a breeze. By simply tying into our surface card users can have automated control of their VFD in minutes as we have programmed the registers for all of the most common manufactures of VFD’s.

We have also designed multiple motor adapters to suit the needs of the most common motor sizes and bolt patterns. From a very basic design with the gauge exposed to a closed design to protect the gauge and allow a tail string to fit to the bottom of the motor, we have various options to choose from.

Key Accessories

The ESP Mini 125 is designed to work with a number of accessories that enable unique capabilities and make tying into your existing completion easy.

ESP Mini Interface Module

This low-cost interface module provides users an easy way to access the basics, making it perfect for any well.

Parameters enabled:

  • Reservoir Pressure
ESP Mini Interface Module (Web) GEO PSI

Figure 5: ESP Mini Interface Module

M6 Interface Card

This premium interface card unlocks every feature available to the ESP Mini 125 and provides SCADA output in multiple formats.

Parameters enabled:

  • Reservoir Pressure
  • Reservoir Temperature
  • Motor Oil Temperature
  • Head Voltage
E6 Interface Card (Web) GEO PSI

Figure 6: M6 Interface Card

3 Phase Modular ESP Choke

Our unique modular design enables users to install the components in a variety of locations as either a complete unit, or in separate pieces. This provides unparalleled versatility and cost savings to the end user.

3 Phase Modular ESP Choke (Cabinet Open) [Web] GEO PSI

Figure 7: 3 Phase Modular ESP Choke

Motor Adapters

We offer a variety of different motor mounts to make integration into your completion easy. And being that the ESP Mini 125 uses a standard tread connection, it’s easy to design custom mounts to meet your specific requirements.

Centralizer Or Bullnose Adapter

Figure 8: Example of centralizer or bullnose adapter for ESP Mini 125

ESP Mini Motor Adapter (Web) GEO PSI

Motor Adapter

Figure 9: Example of motor adapter for ESP Mini 125

Tri-Line ESP Cable

Our innovative Tri-Line ESP Cable features 3 individually jacketed conductors enabling full metal-to-metal seals at every connection. This provides the highest performance, durability, and re-usability on the market.

Tri-Line ESP Cable (Black) [Web] GEO PSI

Figure 10: GEO PSI Tri-Line ESP Cable


We are incredibly excited about the new ESP Mini 125 downhole gauge. Its innovative design, unique capability, and the economic price will have a tremendous impact on ESP operators around the world.

They will be able to run gauges on more wells, and receive higher-quality pressure data than ever before, all while saving significant amounts of money.

ESP Mini 125 Downhole Gauge GEO PSI

Figure 11: ESP Mini 125 downhole gauge

The data from this gauge will allow operators to optimize performance, extend run life, reduce downtime, and leverage a myriad of predictive health analytics and diagnostics to improve operations. All while having a more complete understanding of their reservoir.

We hope to see you running an ESP Mini 125 in your well the near future. If you have any questions regarding this gauge or any of our new ESP monitoring products we encourage you to contact us!

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