Continued Fiber Optic Monitoring Success

Our team has recently completed another successful permanent downhole fiber optic cable & gauge installation.

Members from both our Calgary, AB and Midland, TX service bases were on the road this week facilitating a fiber optic monitoring installation in Wyoming! Their experience and vast completions experience resulted in them enabling the successful deployment of a downhole DAS & DTS fiber optic cable, and 4 of our GEOQ Downhole Gauges.

Wyoming Fiber Optic Monitoring Install 2 GEO PSI

Figure 1: GEO PSI Service Truck In Front Of Platform

Installation Details

The well was approximately 9,800 feet TVD with a 9,700 foot lateral section.

Wyoming Fiber Optic Monitoring Install 4 GEO PSI

Figure 2: Fiber Optic Monitoring Rig Setup

Our GEOQ QuartzdyneTM gauges were cemented in on a 5.5” casing string with a 7.875” hole size. The client was very cooperative and demonstrated all the best drilling practices such as rotary steerable drilling technology and a casing float sub.

Wyoming Fiber Optic Monitoring Install 3 GEO PSI

Figure 3: GEOQ Gauge Being Installed On Solid Body Carrier

They delivered an exceptionally clean wellbore and the casing floated in with ease.

Wyoming Fiber Optic Monitoring Install 5 GEO PSI

Figure 4: Fiber Optic Monitoring System Slips & Packoff Installation

Fiber Optic Monitoring Data

The energy company will be using the data from this fiber optic monitoring installation to understand and optimize the frac on the fly. This data will also be used to understand the science of drilling, and will more specifically help them learn about optimal well spacing.

Silixa Partnership

We here at GEO PSI are pleased to be Silixa’s fiber optic install partner. The customer will gain valuable insights with Silixa’s state-of-the-art engineered DAS fiber that is 100 times better signal-to-noise ratio than any other fiber cable on the market. The extra special resolution will enable the energy company to be able to see fractures that do not intersect the wellbore.

Meanwhile, our GEOQ Downhole Gauges deliver the best accuracy and resolution and will help correlate the fiber optic data.

Figure 5: Silixa Logo

Our team is incredibly proud of the success we have had with fiber optic monitoring systems as of late. And that is all thanks to our partnership with Silixa, and the work of our highly skilled technical and service teams which have decades of experience working with the unique challenges of downhole fiberoptic installations.

If you would like to know more about the fiber optic monitoring hardware, or downhole fiber optic monitoring services we provide we encourage you to contact us.

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