Gas Lift Gauges Done Better

GEO PSI + ELS Gas Lift Optimization

By GEO PSI & Endurance Lift Solutions

At GEO PSI we have partnered with Endurance Lift Solutions for years to provide energy companies in the Permian Basin with the ultimate in Gas Lift optimization solutions. Our combined experience and expert knowledge makes us the #1 choice for providing reliable downhole systems.

Why GEO PSI & Endurance Lift Solutions?

      • Superior Track Record
      • Distinguished Customer List
      • Largest service capacity in the Permian
      • Largest In-Stock Inventory of Gauges & TEC in the Permian
      • Expert knowledge Connecting Downhole data to SCADA Networks
      • State of the art service equipment for both gauges and capillary
          • Real time commutator to continuously monitor downhole gauge while running in hole (RIH)

Benefits For Gauges In Gas lift Wells

The downhole data obtained through our systems offers many benefits to any downhole completion or artificial lift system. With our extensive experience running gauges in gas lift wells throughout the Permian we are well versed in the many practical benefits specific to gas lift systems.


      • Downhole Flowback Monitoring
      • Gas Lift Performance Optimization
      • Reservoir Data. Frac Hit Migration Mapping
          • Better Infill Drilling Planning


Our most popular gauge by far for Gas Lift applications in the Permian basin is the PT150 SRO. Providing high-resolution high accuracy digital data and extreme durability.


Figure 1: PT150 Digital Downhole Gauge with attached 4mm TEC

What Makes Our Gauges The Best?




Pressure Testable Cablehead

The cablehead is how the gauge connects to the downhole cable and number one cause of failure for permanent gauges. GEO PSI has a patented system so that we pressure test the gauge on the rig floor before going downhole

Eliminate Failures Before They Occur


All metal to metal sealing system with multiple barriers. No primary elastomer seals


Lightning Protection

Only downhole gauge in the world that IEC 61326 certified. Can withstand 15,000 volts and RF and magnetic field immunity. Protection against lightning and power surges



Able to fit into tighter spaces (i.e. Small casing)

Greater ability to withstand shock and vibration



Multi-Gauge Option

Up to 10 gauges can be connected to a single downhole instrumentation cable

Perfect For Observation Wells

Smart Technology

The downhole serial number of gauges transmits to surface to ensure that the right calibration files are utilized

Advanced diagnostic data is transmitted to surface

Perfect For Pad Work & Long-Term Support

Reduce Field Trips & Support Costs

Fast Sample Rate

Can sample up to 10 times per second

Ideal For Stimulation & Frac Monitoring

We Know That It's All About The Data

While we do provide industry leading downhole gauges, they are nothing without equally dependable surface electronics and data integrity. From our innovative 4mm TEC all the way to our dedicated Surface Electronics, reliability and data integrity are a top priority.

Our digital gauges connect to our G6 Downhole Gauge controller which decodes the downhole telemetry from up to 10 downhole gauges and ties it into other surface electronics or SCADA systems.


Figure 2: G6 Downhole Gauge Telemetry Decoder

What Makes Our Surface Electronics The Best?




G6 Gauge Controller Certification

Class I Div. II Certified


G6 Gauge Controller Connectivity

Standard Connectivity Options are RS485, Modbus over IP, and 4-20 mA


Don’t pay for surface electronics that are not required

Other G6 Gauge Controller Features

Adjustable telemetry frequencies

Downhole Diagnostic Data

Downhole Serial Numbers

Watchdog Timer

Limit Detection Counter (Pressure / Temp Warning

Long Cable / ESP Pumps


Pad Work Prevent Mix-Up

Reset Solar Panel or SCADA Radio

Basic Counter to Measure Significant Events

Gauge Controller Features

Small and compact. Metal case, RF shielded, IEC61326 certified in conjunction with downhole gauge

DINRAIL Mountable


Easy to Install Inside Existing Surface DAQ

Custom Surface Integration Options

  • PLC Memory Logger Display
  • HART Option

PLC Data Loggers for local memory, display, and connection of other surface devices such surface pressure and flow meters

Cabinets that are designed by GEO PSI are NEMA 3R or 4x certified and CSA / UL certified for general purpose area > 10 feet from well-head


Our Most Important Job is to Deliver Customer Data



GEO PSI Web Based Data Portal

Time synced data, secure, real time data charts, easy to use


Customizable Alarms

Two Way Communications

Top Notch Remote Data

Reduce Bandwidth

Easy to Configure

Reduce Field Visits

Make Changes Remotely


The benefits of running downhole gauges in Gas Lift wells are numerous, and far exceed the few that we spoke about in this article. At GEO PSI and Endurance Lift Solutions we offer the best hardware and service out these.

If you want to know more, or are wanting to work with us for your next Gas Lift optimization project contact us today!

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