GEO PSI Facility Walkthrough

An exclusive behind the scenes tour of our Canadian headquarters.

Ever wanted to see what’s behind the industries leading downhole instrumentation company (who just so happens to be 100% debt-free)? Follow along with Brent McCool our Canadian Business Development Manager as we give you an inside look at our Calgary headquarters!

We’re proud to bring you behind the scenes and show you what goes into making us the most vertically integrated company in the industry. You’ll also get an inside look into how we make the world’s most innovative and reliable downhole monitoring systems!

Figure 1: GEO PSI Facility Walkthrough 2020 Video

Under normal circumstances, we invite all of our customers to come and take a tour of our Calgary, AB facility. However, the circumstances are far from normal this year, and with many of our customers unable to make it to our facility, we’re bringing it to you!

Can’t watch the video yet? Read some of the highlights of our tour below!

Multiple Locations With Global Support

We are a proud Canadian company with our main headquarters being located in Calgary, AB Canada. This 28,000 ft2 facility is where a bulk of our manufacturing, development, and support is based out of.

While this is our primary location, it is not our only one. We also have several other GEO PSI facilities in western Canada, and one in the southern US.

In addition to our facilities, we have a network of global partners with inventory and trained support personnel to provide fast, reliable support anywhere in the world.

Vertical Integration

We are the most vertically integrated company in the industry. We design, engineer, manufacture, supply, and install all of our products!

This is something that is very unique to us and enables us to supply the world’s most innovative and reliable downhole monitoring solutions.

We have an incredibly capable team with a diverse skillset that enables us to develop groundbreaking products, achieve manufacturing & supply chain efficiency, as well as market and fully support all of our products to a level of excellence that none of our competitors are able to match.

Our unique approach to deep vertical integration allows us to control every aspect of our systems and ensure maximum reliability. It also allows us to cut out costly middle-men which helps us achieve just-in-time delivery and significant cost savings which get passed on to our users.

Cable & Tube Products Manufacturing

We set a new industry standard with our innovative 4mm TEC. We have supplied the worlds best single & multi-conductor downhole cable for close to a decade now and have taken our expertise in cable manufacturing and applied it to the Thermocouple world as we launch both our 1/4″ and 3/8″ Cap Tube lines.

Our 4mm TEC mills run 24/7. Our cable is used not only for our dowhnole gauges but also in highly specialized eline and slickline applications with our innovative eSlicklineTM product

Our cable and tube products are manufactured in house and are designed to meet incredibly stringent quality control measures. Each product is made to any length and certified before leaving our facility.


Figure 2: Single Conductor & Quadline TEC in both Encapsulated & Bare

We have a lot to say about our industry-leading cable! If you’d like to learn more we encourage you to visit one of the links below.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Between our facilities and our network of global partners, we have inventory of our products all around the world. This enables just-in-time turnaround and rapid support for our customers.

In our Calgary facility alone we have several million dollars worth of equipment ready to be shipped out at a moment’s notice!

The strengths of our supply chain group have been highlighted over the last year where due to their hard work & expertise, as well as our relationship with suppliers we were able to supply enough raw materials to continue manufacturing without a single glitch through the worst of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

This, coupled with enforcing rigorous safety procedures meant that our management was able to ensure that our team was able to keep earning a paycheque to support their families, maintain strict health and safety protocols, contribute to a struggling local economy, and support a list of global clients and partners who counted on us through the collapse of Oil prices earlier this spring. You can read a statement from our ownership on COVID-19 here.

Gauge & Surface Electronics Manufacturing

Our experienced development and manufacturing team handles all of the design and assembly of our gauge and surface electronics products.

Everything from design, to final assembly of boards, to welding, to the validation of firmware is handled in-house.

This enables both automated and manual quality control measures to be enforced through the entire assembly of each component. Since we make each component of our systems we can ensure that every piece is designed and manufactured to work together seamlessly and reliably, even in the most extreme conditions.

Corporate Life & Employee Wellness

Our management takes the health and well being of their employee’s very seriously. In addition to regular BBQ’s, Christmas parties, and Social Club events, they have dedicated over 1000 ft2 of our shop area to build a gym complete with a wide variety of equipment.

This space is open for employees to use any time, and there is even a personal trainer that’s brought in twice a week for our team members to enjoy paid workouts! This is something our ownership is very proud of, and is something that keeps our team healthy and motivated.

Calibration & Long-Term Testing

We have a testing and calibration lab equipped with precision equipment that we use to test and validate every tool we sell. Each system is meticulously calibrated to ensure maximum long-term accuracy and reliability.

We also do our own controlled long-term tests of our different gauge technologies. This not only serves as a way to validate our new technologies, but it enables our R&D team to push the limits of reliability and accuracy.

We are incredibly proud of the way we calibrate and spec our tools. While our competitors bend the numbers however they can to get the best spec on paper, we take a unique honest approach that ensures the most accurate and consistent data possible.

We not only calibrate each tool to multiple pressure ranges, but we include a certificate of conformance in the box to prove that our tool is performing well within the specified range. Then instead of publishing the best spec we were ever able to achieve with our tools, we choose to publish a conservative % Full-Scale Error which ensures that our tools consistently over-perform for the entire life of the system.

This is one of the things that makes us so different, and we look forward to sharing more about the way we spec our tools down the road!

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Electrical & Software Engineering

We have in-house electrical and software engineers which not only design and build some of the most reliable and easy to use data acquisition systems on the market, but also design custom software for everything from tool firmware management to cloud SCADA solutions.

Their expertise enables them to design everything from remote solar power solutions, to offshore hazardous area data acquisition units, to custom portable loggers and RIH panels.

These systems coupled with our custom Ignition Cloud SCADA platform enables a seamless data-to-desk solution for any well. 


We can’t wait for things to get back to normal so we can have you come visit our Calgary facility in person. In the mean-time, we hope to continue to publish content like this that will help you learn more about all that we do here at GEO PSI.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact us and one of our support members will be happy to assist you.

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