Ignition: Real-Time Cloud SCADA

Design, connect, deploy, and display without limitations on any device.

Below is a video overview of Ignition, our innovative Real-Time Cloud SCADA system.

Figure 1: GEO PSI + Ignition Cloud SCADA Software video overview

The Problem

Everyone is offering remote field to desktop data solutions.

Seriously, everyone! Some of our clients in West Texas have reported that they have as many of 30 different cloud portal vendors for hardware ranging from flow meters, downhole gauges, chemical injection, gas lift hardware, etc…

Not only is this incredibly hard for clients to manage, it is extremely costly and ruins efficiency. Imagine having to remember usernames and passwords for 30 different data cloud portals?

More importantly – extra work is required to integrate data sets from various portals to identify meaningful correlations. i.e. – Production flow rates vs Downhole Pressure vs Gas Lift injection rate

Most vendors are pushing portals that are limited to the ‘widget’ that they sell.

What To Look For

As a company looking to digitize your important wellsite data, its critical that you pick your data portals wisely. Look for vendors that understand the big picture. Ask the following questions:

  • Can other instruments be integrated into the portal?
  • Can the portal also be connected to SCADA?
  • Does the have the ability to do custom calculations?
  • Is my data private and secure?
  • Does the portal provide value to my organization and make my job easier?

The unfortunately reality is that for most data portals the answer to these questions is no. Their proprietary capability and limited customization makes them difficult to integrate and hard to work with.

Ignition Cloud SCADA

Then there’s Ignition, our real-time cloud SCADA solution that allows users to design, connect, deploy, and display without limitations on any device.


Figure 2: Ignition Cloud SCADA Laptop, Mobile, & Tablet Mock-Up

Ignition Cloud SCADA software is the most versatile and easy to use cloud SCADA system on the market. It’s available to every GEO PSI customer, and is currently being used around the world to collect and monitor critical wellsite data.

Built by Inductive Automation, Ignition is one of the worlds leading SCADA platforms.

Trusted by different industries around the world, we have optimized Ignition for use in Oil & Gas so that our clients are able to maximize their benefit from integrating this powerful platform with their monitoring equipment.

Expandability & Integration

While at GEO PSI we provide the worlds best downhole gauges, Ignition is not limited to only working with our equipment. It is designed for expandability and can integrate with almost any other equipment on site.

Gone are the days of needing 30 different data portals. With Ignition, all of your equipment will be monitored through one easy to use platform.

And as your operations grow, Ignition is designed for expandability, allowing you to add data points and tailor your software experience to best suit your needs.


What makes Ignition so powerful and so valuable to so many of our customers is its customizability.

Not only is the interface customizable, but now that all of your data is in one central place Ignition is able to perform custom calculations to help identify meaningful correlations.

The software can be configured to measure things like Production Flow Rate vs. Downhole Pressure in real-time. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to custom calculations which offers immense value to clients who are now able to monitor and trend that data in real-time. 

Data Security

Understandably, many customers are concerned about the privacy and security of their data.

With Ignition, we are able to store all of your data on a secure private server. This grants users the ability to access data, as well as have secure save back-ups of all of their historical data in the event of an issue.

And More...

There are many other features and benefits of our Ignition Cloud SCADA software, many of which will be specific for your exact application!

We would love to discuss these with you, and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.

We believe that the Ignition Cloud SCADA software, combined with our industry leading downhole monitoring equipment is the best choice for all of your monitoring needs. Make sure to keep your eyes on our blog and subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we plan to share more about the capabilities of this software in the future!

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You can also download our Ignition spec sheet below.


Ignition Cloud SCADA

A detailed spec sheet covering the features and benefits of running a GEO PSI downhole monitoring system with the Ignition Cloud SCADA Software.

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