Introducing: New Capillary Tube Product Line

We are proud to officially announce our industry-leading Capillary Tube product line!

A New Offering, Based On Over A Decade Of Excellence

We are proud to officially announce a new offering from us here at GEO PSI, downhole Capillary Tube!

Capillary Tube Webpage (Small) GEO PSI

Available in a number of sizes and materials, we are excited to bring this new product line to market.

While our official announcement is new, and we have been producing select variants of our dowhhole capillary tube product line for the past few years, our experience in producing the industry’s best downhole tubing began over a decade ago.

GEO PSI Cable & Tubing History

Beginning all the way back in 2008 our team developed our revolutionary 4mm Tubing Encapsulated Cable. This groundbreaking format came with a number of strength, reliability, and handling benefits. And as we ventured to make the industry’s best downhole cable, we began developing the processes and manufacturing techniques necessary to jacket our conductors in a stainless steel tube that can stand the test of time, and survive in even the most hostile downhole environments.

And with the introduction of our 4mm TEC product line, so too came the expertise and manufacturing know-how to reliably produce millions of feet of downhole tubing per year. As our specialized team developed their skills, we also developed an over-decade-long relationship with material suppliers, and we have developed custom manufacturing equipment to enable us to produce with the quality and consistency that we demand.

Fast forward to today and we have produced tens of millions of feet of 4mm, 1/4″, and 3/8″ tubing. And after several years of being the most trusted supplier of Duplex 2205 capillary tube for our partners in the Permian basin we are excited to bring our cap tube products to the world.

Premium Quality Capillary Tube

Tight tolerances, the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, and the proud record of having never had a downhole stress crack are just a few of the many factors that exemplify the premium quality of our capillary tube product line.

Our capillary tube line has been designed with a unique focus on oil and gas applications. We have built our brand around providing reliable solutions for our customers in the energy industry and we have done the same with our cap tube. This unique focus and our collective experience in producing products for downhole applications means that we understand and prioritize the performance requirements for products being deployed in such harsh environments.

While we have built this product line around the harsh environments found in the energy industry, its applications span a number of industries applicable for uses in everything from Hydraulic Control Lines, to Heat Exchanger Tubing, to Laboratory Instrument Tubing.

Across our several dedicated mills, we utilize an advanced forming and annealing process which ensures optimal durability, handling, and reliability in downhole environments. Once the strip is passed through a series of rollers to form it into a tubular cross-section, it is continuously welded along the seam with a gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process. Once it exits the tube mill, it is then passed through an induction coil and annealed at between 1,070°C – 1,100°C to achieve optimal durability and handling for end users.

To further ensure the quality and reliability of the end product we utilize continuous eddy current testing to detect holes and defects which while naked to the human eye, could pose a threat to long-term performance. This test, along with a final glycol pressure test are just some of many QC steps we utilize along the way to ensure our customers receive the quality and longevity they deserve.

Capillary Tube (Domestic Manufacturing) Black GEO PSI

Made Here, In Your Own Back Yard

In an industry flooded with low-quality imported products, we are incredibly proud of the fact that our capillary tube is made locally at our Calgary headquarters.

Being made domestically for our domestic customers ensures high quality and product consistency, short lead times and product availability, and peace of mind for shareholders striving to find competitive domestic alternatives.

Made in the heart of Canada’s energy industry, and stocked locally at our Odessa, TX headquarters we are proud to be a source of high quality product from your own back yard.

Capillary Tube (USA Steel) Black GEO PSI

Made With 100% USA Steel

We are proud to use 100% USA steel for our capillary tube products.

In building a relationship that spans over a decade with one of the US’s most dependable steel manufacturers, we are able to guarantee a quality and consistency to our products that only comes with using the best ingredients.

In addition to a premium level of quality, we are also extremely proud to support a local supply chain which bolsters our domestic economy.

Through the use of the best raw material and the best manufacturing process, we are proud to stand behind the industry’s best capillary tube products.

Capillary Tube (USA Steel) Black GEO PSI

Priced To Compete

Anyone in the world of Capillary Tube will tell you that the last several years have seen endless pricing fluctuations causing confusion for both producers and customers.

We here at GEO PSI have invested millions into the growth of our Capillary Tube product line, and have committed to a scale of production which allows us to remain competitive with all of the biggest domestic suppliers.

Our several production lines running 7 days a week, and large multi-year contracts with steel suppliers have given us the buying power to offer our customers the best pricing possible. Due to our high volume and efficient manufacturing, we are able to pass the benefits of our economies of scale directly to our customers.

With Free Local Delivery

To further increase the value for our customers, we offer FREE local delivery within the continental US.

With inventory in Calgary, AB and Odessa, TX we have distribution centers in the two major centers for energy in North America!

We are producing new material daily at our Calgary HQ, and we re-stock our Odessa headquarters weekly to ensure we not only have stock available at all times but also so we can get it to you, for free, at a moment’s notice.

With our local inventory and fast free delivery, we hope to be your go-to supplier in your own backyard.

Our Offering

We manufacture the following variants of Capillary Tube.

0.375″ Duplex 2205 0.028″
0.375″ Duplex 2205 0.035″
0.375″ Duplex 2205 0.049″
0.375″ Stainless Steel 316L 0.028″
0.375″ Stainless Steel 316L 0.035″
0.375″ Stainless Steel 316L 0.049″
0.375″ Inconel 825 0.028″
0.375″ Inconel 825 0.035″
0.375″ Inconel 825 0.049″

0.250″ Duplex 2205 0.028″
0.250″ Duplex 2205 0.035″
0.250″ Duplex 2205 0.049″
0.250″ Stainless Steel 316L 0.028″
0.250″ Stainless Steel 316L 0.035″
0.250″ Stainless Steel 316L 0.049″
0.250″ Inconel 825 0.028″
0.250″ Inconel 825 0.035″
0.250″ Inconel 825 0.049″

Capillary Tube (Hero) GEO PSI


We are incredibly excited to launch this new product line, and we believe that our capillary tube offers a unique blend of value and reliability that make them the perfect choice for users in various industries.

Our manufacturing excellence and premium raw materials make for an end product that’s built to last and designed to be the ultimate choice for users who care about quality and demand the most from their capillary tube products.

To learn more we encourage you to visit our Capillary Tube webpage. And for a list of inventory ready for immediate delivery we encourage you to reach out to our sales team!

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