Using Real-Time Data To Efficiently Develop Fractured Reservoirs

Everything you ever wanted to know about utilizing modern downhole monitoring technologies to optimize the development of shale plays.

Real-time downhole data is transforming the way energy companies develop complex reservoirs.

The accuracy and resolution of pressure, temperature, and acoustic data is providing crucial insights and allowing reservoir and production engineers to better optimize their completions.

From well spacing, to fracture programs, intelligent decisions driven by reliable downhole data are fueling a transformation in our industry. From the Montney, to the Wolfcamp, tremendous reductions in cost and increases in profitability are being made possible by modern monitoring technology and the data it provides.

To efficiently develop fractured reservoirs engineers need to move away from simple mental models, and the rise in monitoring technology and intelligent software helps producers to understand the things they don’t understand!

We partnered up with Richard Baker, world renowned reservoir engineer to discuss the value of downhole monitoring as it relates to injection programs and the development of shale plays!

We originally aired this discussion as a live webinar where over 100 industry professionals registered to participate!

To view the recording of the full webinar event which includes a live 30min Q&A with Richard at the end of the discussion click the link below.

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