What’s Inside The Industries Best Data Acquisition Systems?

How exceptional workmanship and intuitive design makes for the most reliable and user-friendly surface data acquisition systems in the oil & gas industry.

Why Data Acquisition Systems Matter

It’s no secret that one of the most critical roles in the Oil and Gas industry is played by Data Acquisition Systems. As we often say, you can’t manage what you don’t measure! And no matter how great your downhole measurement systems are, if your data acquisition system isn’t up to the task your entire system is useless.

Here at GEO PSI reliability is our top priority.

Reliability Job 1TM

Alongside our industry-leading Downhole Gauges & Downhole Cable, we manufacture our own Data Acquisition Systems to ensure maximum compatibility and system reliability.

A quality data acquisition (DAQ) system provides greater control over an organization’s processes and faster response to failures that may occur. By effectively collecting, processing, and distributing downhole data, it is what makes the data from downhole tools so useful and accessible to end-users.

Picking The Right Tool For The Job

Ultimately the best data acquisition system for any user is the one that provides the most value. In many cases, value is not just determined by the number of features, but also by things such as its reliability, user-friendliness, and serviceability.

Even if you have the ‘Cadillac’ of surface DAQ systems, a complex user interface or constant hardware/firmware bugs can render it inoperable. There may also be times where the most valuable data acquisition system is the one that can simply deliver data reliably at the lowest cost.

Regardless of the specific requirements of each application, ensuring maximum reliability, easy user serviceability, and flexibility for future modifications or expansions is critical to ensuring you get the most out of your data acquisition system.

Our Data Acquisition Solutions

Here at GEO PSI we manufacture a variety of custom data acquisitions which we engineer to provide the maximum value possible to our clients. From budget-friendly to high profile offshore, from end-of-life monitoring to predictive ESP health monitoring, and even portable solutions that can be used for RIH and POOH procedures, we manufacture data acquisition systems to suit every application.

Our most common system utilizes our G6 multi-gauge interface card and an XL4 touchscreen PLC. This solution can be configured in a variety of packages including both polycarbonate and stainless steel enclosures. Due to the expandable and non-proprietary design, it can also be configured with a variety of different hardware and features to suit the specific needs of the user.


Our easy to operate, compact and elegant touchscreen Cabinet can easily connect with many systems and accommodate any environment including but not limited to:

  • Modbus, DCS, RJ45 IP, RS232, and Fiber Optic Outputs 
  • IOT Cloud Data to Desk with customized two-way open-loop control. Satellite or cellphone modem
  • Optional PLC Data Logger
  • Optional PC Multigauge Platform logging Software

Like all GEO PSI products, the industrial Horner XL4 PLC we use is designed to maximize reliability. By using a tried and true PLC solution we ensure maximum longevity and support for the life of the device.

This expandable, plug and play system saves your time by securing access to information from anywhere by anyone with permissions. It also reduces expenses by limiting the need to travel to site, and by preventing excessive wear to equipment. Through providing valuable downhole data this system helps prevent costly failures and helps you with equipment tracking and life cycle management.

Through the onboard intelligent technology, you can track gauges serial number and location for easy troubleshooting and repairs. You can also tie in data from many other manufacturers of downhole equipment to your network and control systems- to analyze key information such as runtime history and failure analysis.

Additionally, solar power and battery options can be added to deliver uninterrupted power to our modular data acquisition system.

Exterior Features & Benefits

In many cases, the advantages of our GEO PSI data acquisition systems are apparent at first glance. Through the use of quality components and superior workmanship, you can tell the quality difference before ever even turning it on.

Some of the key features and benefits related to the exterior of our systems are listed below:

  • Fully Gasketed Weatherproof Access Door
  • SPE 1000, CSA/QPS Certifications (hazardous area certified systems available upon request)
  • Available Touchscreen interface
  • Standard USB Access Port
  • Modular & Expandable Design
  • Customized Enclosure / Design Based Off Specific Application And Placement
    • Customizable Layout & Feature Set
    • Available In Portable Configurations
    • Variety Of Materials Available (ie. Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, Etc…)

Figure 2: Outside look at GEO PSI XL4 G6 Data Acquisition System

Interior Features & Benefits

The quality of our systems truly becomes apparent once you open up the reinforced swing panel to look at the internals.

Our engineering team puts an incredible amount of effort into creating an end product that is not only satisfying for all of the neat freaks out there, but that also serves a functional role of being easy to understand and user-serviceable. Through the use of reliable components and professional workmanship, our systems are dependable and easy to work with even in some of the most extreme northern climates where service crews may have to work on them while wearing gloves.

Some of the key features and benefits related to the interior of our systems are listed below:

  • Clean Neat Wiring With Panduit Trays To keep Cabinet Clean
  • Clearly Labled Terminal Connections
  • Certified Surface Cable Connections
  • Easily Replaceable Fused Terminals
  • Full Access To Internal Components
  • Exceptional Cable Management For Easy Servicing
  • Expandable Design With Spacious Layout
    • Avoid Restricted Space For Field Staff
    • Enable Future Expansion
    • Room For Ventilation System
    • Room For Heater

Figure 3: Outside look at offshore rated GEO PSI XL4 G6 Data Acquisition System

In addition to having a clean layout that is easy to understand and work on, the engineering team that builds each system is responsible for providing an accurate wiring diagram that is included in every data acquisition system that leaves our doors.

This not only provides a fast and reliable initial setup but makes sure that for years to come every crew that ever works on our cabinets has a reliable reference to go off of.

Figure 4: Approved wiring diagram for GEO PSI XL4 G6 Cabinet


We believe that our data acquisition systems are the best in the industry. If you have ever worked on our competitors you will understand that it’s rare anyone would ever be proud to show off what’s inside!

Not only is our reliability best-in-class, but exceptional workmanship and intuitive design make for solutions that are fit to last. Our data acquisition systems provide the lowest long-term operating costs and best overall value of any systems on the market.

If you would like to know more about our data acquisition systems and how a GEO PSI downhole monitoring system may benefit you we encourage you to contact us.

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