Who is GEO PSI? Behind-The-Scenes Video

So, who is GEO PSI...?

Here at GEO PSI, we offer the industry’s most reliable downhole data and solutions for the global energy market!

Specializing in oil and gas, with systems applicable for everything from carbon capture to underground mining, to geothermal, our systems and the data they provide enable our customers to operate more efficiently and safely.

Check out our new video below and follow along with different members of our team as they show you more behind-the-scenes of our company and what we’re all about!

A Bit More About Us

From the world’s most extensive catalogue of advanced downhole gauges to our industry-leading downhole cable products, to our intuitive surface electronics, we are the most vertically integrated company in our industry.

This means that every component of our downhole systems is designed and built in-house to work together perfectly for maximum reliability.

From R&D to the sourcing of raw materials to final production and QC, we do it all here at our five-acre Calgary facility.

Then once our products are manufactured we have a dedicated service team committed to the reliable installation of our products and the training of our customers. We have a team based out of Calgary Alberta, as well as Midland Texas, and we have a global network of partners trained with a focus on maximizing system reliability and delivering customer success.

At GEO PSI we value commitment, integrity, persistence, teamwork, and innovation.

Over the past 13 years, our dedicated team has displayed these values in spades as we have grown from a small 2 man team building gauges in a shop, to a global leader supplying solutions for some of the most high-profile monitoring projects around the world.

How We Run Our Organization

At GEO PSI we are unique in our industry being one of the only remaining companies that is privately owned and 100% debt-free.

While running and growing the business entirely on cash flow has its challenges, it also has great benefits to the financial health of our company and long-term security for our customers.

Our recent move to our new facility and addition of manufacturing equipment now means we are able to double, even triple our manufacturing capacity of downhole cable and capillary tubing as well as downhole gauges.

What’s best, is that we still have room to grow. The increased capacity of our facility and our team means that we are able to deliver more products to customers, with even shorter lead times. In addition, we can vertically integrate even further by bringing more manufacturing processes of our operations under one roof.

While our Calgary facility is our main headquarters, we also have a dedicated service team based out of Midland Texas, a global sales team and an international network of service partners.

We do a lot here at GEO PSI, but we do it all to deliver one thing, the industry’s most reliable downhole monitoring solutions.

In-House Manufacturing

Our primary manufacturing area is the part of our facility where we do everything from the assembly of our gauges to welding, to the manufacturing of our surface electronics.

By building all of our products here under one roof, we have the benefit of controlling all of our materials and all of our processes. To manufacture products that are able to withstand the extreme conditions found downhole, and the harsh environments found at remote well sites, it is essential that every piece of a system be specifically designed for those applications. From the quality of our welds to the performance of individual chips on our boards, we get to ensure that everything meets our specs and integrates seamlessly into our systems.

Here at GEO PSI, we have over a decade of experience carefully selecting suppliers and refining our processes to ensure the most reliable products possible. We also get to ensure that we maximize our efficiency on the back-end, so we can have the inventory and short lead times that our customers expect.

Every one of our gauges, interface cards, and data acquisition cabinets is made right here. And we also have the capacity to manufacture nearly 30 million feet of cable and tube products a year!

Cable & Tube Manufacturing

Most of our 86,000 sqft facility is dedicated to the manufacturing of our cable and tube products.

We do everything right here. From insulating our conductor to jacketing our cables to final encapsulation and spooling, we control every step of the process.

We manufacture a wide range of products from single and multi-conductor armoured downhole cable, to capillary tubes, to type k thermocouples, to custom flat packs. We offer each of these products in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the specific needs of any application.

We started it all with the manufacturing of our innovative 4mm downhole instrument cable. This groundbreaking format has now become standard across the industry as it offers superior handling and mechanical performance making for a more reliable solution for our end users.

Our mills can run around the clock allowing us to manufacture over 12 million feet of cable products a year! We recently added a new mill capable of manufacturing bright-annealed capillary tubes, and have another on its way which will take our total capillary tube capacity up to 20 million feet per year!

Testing & Verification Of Our Products

Here at GEO PSI reliability is job one. And it’s the responsibility of our QC department to ensure that every item leaving our facility is up to spec and able to perform to its full capability.

Our team is responsible for qualifying every critical component that we receive from external suppliers. This includes things like our PCB boards which we clean and verify in-house before they ever get to our production team.

We also calibrate and test every one of our products to ensure the most accurate and reliable data possible for our customers.

Every gauge of ours is designed and calibrated to achieve a conservative % full-scale accuracy spec which it will maintain for the life of its deployment downhole. While our gauges are designed to outperform this number, we provide a spec our customers can count on for years to come.

This is not common in our industry, where many like to bend the numbers on paper to appear superior, but we believe in providing consistent long-term performance our customers can rely on.

Beyond the testing and verification, we also work hard to ensure our processes meet or exceed the rigorous standards of programs like ISO and API.

R&D And Engineering

For the past 13 years we have been innovating new technologies which have revolutionized the downhole monitoring industry.

From our industry-first 4mm cable to our groundbreaking downhole gauges, to our surface electronics, our engineering group has leveraged decades of experience to introduce new technologies that have changed the way our customers gather real-time downhole data.

Our team has a diverse skill set, extensive industry experience, and a spirit of innovation. This results in an unmatched ability to create new products and develop custom solutions for our customers.

Something unique to us is that all of our engineering services from mechanical, electrical, firmware to software are here in-house. We also have in-house R&D and testing labs. This, along with our teams’ hands-on field experience means that we are able to rapidly develop and commercialize new products at an unprecedented pace, all while always maintaining our industry-leading reliability.

At GEO PSI we engineer every piece of our systems to ensure our customers have a reliable solution that will make their operations more efficient and profitable.

Installation & Support

No matter how durable any downhole product may be, without proper installation, it will fail. In fact, over 95% of downhole gauge failures can be attributed to poor installation.

That is why at GEO PSI we have a dedicated team committed to training and global service support.

With crews headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and Midland, Texas, our experienced team is an integral piece of ensuring the reliable installation of our systems. We have the equipment and expertise to install our downhole systems around the world.

We also have a vast global network of partners who are trained and certified to work with our products.

However, our team does so much more than just install our systems. They provide training support to our customers around the world. They work closely with our engineering and QC group to provide critical feedback on product design, and they work hand in hand with our customers to develop completion designs and plan out jobs long before the drilling rig is on site.

Their expertise, involvement with sales & engineering, and attention to detail make our service group a critical link in ensuring the reliability of our systems for every customer of ours.

What Makes GEO PSI So Special?

From product engineering and design to manufacturing and QC, to service and support, we are the most vertically integrated company in our industry. Every piece of our systems is made right here in Calgary Alberta, and we do it all to ensure our systems are the most reliable on the market.

Here at GEO PSI reliability is job 1, and it drives everything we do!

Reliability Job 1TM

From our commitment to remaining debt-free to ensure we are a reliable long-term supplier for our customers. To our vertical integration, controlling every piece of our design and manufacturing. We do it all to ensure GEO PSI is a brand our customers can rely on.

Innovation is a core value, and something central to our company culture. And our ongoing development of groundbreaking technologies makes for real change for our customers.

Take our GEOTRU gauges for example, enabling users to monitor accurately in real-time in high-temperature wells up to 300°C.

Or our revolutionary ESP Mini 125 gauge, transforming ESP monitoring and reducing costs for operators, all while delivering best-in-class data accuracy.

Or our groundbreaking wireless GEOEM gauge, enabling hundreds of operators around the world to read downhole parameters in real-time without the use of a single cable or repeater.

At GEO PSI, reliability Job 1 is the fabric of how we operate. This ensures that we deliver what matters most to our customers, high-quality reliable real-time downhole pressure and temperature data!

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