Whatever your application, we have the tools and support team to help you maximize efficiency and well performance. Whether you need a fully integrated downhole monitoring solution, or high performing individual components, we have the right products for you.

Downhole Gauges

High-performing pressure, temperature, and vibration gauges


Tubing Encapsulated Cable

The highest performing downhole cables on the market

Capillary Tube (Hero) GEO PSI

Capillary Tube

Industry-leading capillary tube/control line designed for strength and reliability.


Fiber Optics

Distributed Acoustic Sensing & Distributed Temperature Sensing solutions


Downhole Thermocouples

High-performing Type K Thermocouple bundles up to 28 points

Downhole Cable Protectors & Downhole Gauge Carriers (Updated) GEO PSI

Protectors & Carriers

Light & Heavy Duty solutions


Wellhead Feed Through

Hermetically sealed glass feedthrough systems

Surface Electronics (Updated) GEO PSI

Surface Electronics

Gauge controllers, Solar RTU's, & Data Acquisition Systems​

GEOXTR-18 Thermocouple Input Card (Hero) [White] GEO PSI

Thermocouple Input Cards

Superior resolution and unmatched long-length accuracy, designed for industrial use.



The quality installation tools you need

Interested In The Full Package?

In addition to individual components, we also provide complete fit for purpose downhole monitoring solutions. With the reliability you’d expect from GEO PSI, and decades of experience, we can provide you with a custom system and the support you need to get the most out of your well.