ESP Mini 125

An incredibly small ESP gauge designed to deliver reliable real-time downhole ESP data in an economical package.

ESP Mini 125 Downhole Gauge GEO PSI

ESP Mini 125 – Downhole ESP Gauge

The ESP Mini 125 is an economic solution for markets and operations that traditionally wouldn’t run a gauge. In the face of heavy inflation on raw materials and increasing supply costs, this mini-sized solution will provide quality measurement at a dramatically reduced cost, without any of the supply chain bottlenecks that affect larger more complex tools.

Our team has achieved this all while maintaining best-in-class reliability, and real-time pressure & temperature data with ultra-high resolution and accuracy that is unparalleled in the industry.

Mini-Sized Package

Piezoresistive Quality Pressure

Universally Compatible

Revolutionary ESP Monitoring

The ESP Mini 125 is the smallest ESP gauge ever developed. This breakthrough design and advanced technology unlocks a wide range of possibilities. Since every ESP gauge already has cable running downhole, we believe it should be fully utilized to enable real-time downhole pressure & temperature monitoring. With its low overall cost, and direct 4-20mA or Modbus output available via the interface card at surface, this tool can integrate seamlessly with any ESP setup.

Technical Specifications

Mini, But Mighty

Unless you have experience with traditional ESP gauges or see the ESP Mini 125 side-by-side with a conventional 7-8 channel ESP gauge, the significance of this size reduction may be difficult to comprehend. At just over 12” in length, the ESP Mini 125 comes in at only 40% as long.

However, the most dramatic change is one you will immediately feel. While traditional ESP gauges can weigh more than 50lbs, our ESP Mini 125 weighs in at a mere 1.32lbs! Being less than 3% the weight of a traditional ESP gauge makes for simplified transport and easy handling in the field. Significant time savings during installation, and dramatically reduced shipping costs contribute even further to the overall cost savings the ESP Mini 125 provides.

It achieves all of this while providing best-in-class pressure resolution & accuracy rivalling our best digital gauges. And by leveraging a proven sensor architecture, and a military-grade leak-free connection this gauge provides the industry-leading reliability you would expect from us here at GEO PSI.

ESP Mini 125 vs GEOESP 150 Dual EV Mock-Up Graphic

Interface Card Capabilities

The ESP Mini 125 gauge is extremely capable, packing four measurement parameters into such a small package. While every gauge comes ready to provide high-quality reservoir pressure, reservoir temperature, motor oil temperature, and head voltage data to surface, we have developed multiple surface solutions designed to meet the needs of every budget.

ESP Mini Interface Module

This low-cost interface module provides users an easy way to access the basics, making it perfect for any well.

Parameters enabled:

  • Reservoir Pressure

M6 Interface Card

This premium interface card unlocks every feature available to the ESP Mini 125 and provides SCADA output in multiple formats.

Parameters enabled:

  • Reservoir Pressure
  • Reservoir Temperature
  • Motor Oil Temperature
  • Head Voltage

Accessories & Adapters

The ESP Mini 125 gauge is designed for versatility and universal compatibility. We offer a wide range of different adapters to integrate this gauge into any ESP system, including those with sand control equipment at the bottom of the completion. We also offer innovative surface choke and ESP cable solutions.

ESP Mini Centralizer Adapter (Web) GEO PSI

Centralizer Or Bullnose Adapter

ESP Mini Motor Adapter (Web) GEO PSI

Motor Adapter

3 Phase Modular ESP Choke (Cabinet Open) [Web] GEO PSI

3 Phase Modular ESP Choke

Real-Time Data Applications



Reservoir Pressure
(10,000 psi)

The ESP Mini 125 is designed to accurately measure pressure up to 10,000 psi.


Reservoir Temperature

The ESP Mini 125 is designed to accurately measure reservoir temperature up to 125°C (257°F).


Motor Oil Temperature

The ESP Mini 125 is designed to accurately measure motor oil temperature up to 125°C (257°F).

Lightning Bolt Icon GEO PSI

Head Voltage

The ESP Mini 125 is designed to measure head voltage from the y-point connection.


Reservoir Pressure
Reservoir Temperature*
Motor Oil Temperature*
Head Voltage*

Input Voltage



16 Bit 4-20mA, Modbus*

(Via suface interface card)

Voltage Rating


Construction Material

Stainless Steel 316L

(Other materials available upon request)

Overall Length

12.65” / 321.3mm (1)

Outside Diameter

1.05” / 26.7mm

Sensor Type


Available Pressure Ranges

500  750  1,000  3,000  5,000  6,000  10,000 psiA

Pressure Accuracy

± 0.05% Full Scale (2)

Pressure Drift

± 0.2% Full Scale per year

Pressure Sample Rate

20-25 Seconds

Temperature Rating

125°C (257°F)

Temperature Measurement Location


Motor Oil*

Temperature Accuracy



Temperature Sample Rate

20-25 Seconds

20-25 Seconds

Head Voltage Measurement


Shock & Vibration Resiliency

10g at 10-2000Hz

Connection Type

SAE J1926, ISO 6149


Leak-Proof Design


ISO Certified Manufacturing


* Feature available exclusively with the use of M6 Interface Card.
(1) Measured to end of the high-voltage connection pin.
(2) Performance specs achieved when using M6 Interface Card with Modbus output.

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