GEO4-20 CP 105 T

A cathodic protected analog downhole gauge designed to measure both pressure & temperature reliably in hostile downhole environments.

GEO4-20 CP 105 T Labeled (Web) GEO PSI

GEO4-20 CP 105 T – Permanent Downhole Gauge

The GEO4-20 CP 105 T is a specialty solution which was designed for measuring real-time pump intake pressure in ESP wells which suffer from electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.

Downhole electrolytic corrosion is caused by a current from an external source. It could be from the AC power for an ESP pump, or any number of issues associated with improper grounding or electrical connections. Downhole galvanic corrosion is caused by an electric current generated by two different metals in a conducting medium such as seawater. Both of these forms of corrosion have similar effects and can cause system failures at an alarming rate.

This specialty gauge has been engineered to reverse traditional electric flow through the gauge which counteracts the effects of electrolytic corrosion. This, along with the inclusion of a sacrificial anode, prevents damage to downhole equipment from the effects of galvanic corrosion which is common in saltwater wells.


Corrosion Protection

Leak-Proof Design

Easy-ConnectTM Cablehead

Technical Specifications

Product Development Background

The GEO4-20 CP 105 T 4 20mA pressure gauge was designed to maximize reliability, cost-effectiveness, and to be easy to install and integrate into a highly corrosive downhole system.

It is engineered to connect to metal armoured cables (TEC) via metal-to-metal sealing techniques. Our innovative patented Easy-ConnectTM Cablehead System reduces installation errors and improves system reliability. The gauge body is welded and requires no elastomer. Ingress protection is provided by a glass feed-through system and dialectic oil chamber.

Compatible With

The GEO4-20 CP 105 T gauge is designed for versatility and universal compatibility. Below are a few of the common accessories that are used to complete the GEO4-20 monitoring system.

Real-Time Data Applications



Pressure (3,000 psi)

The GEO4-20 CP 105 T is designed to accurately measure pressure within available ranges between 500 – 3,000 psi.


Temperature (105°C)

The GEO4-20 CP 105 T is designed to accurately measure temperature up to 105°C (221°F)


Pressure & Temperature

Sensor Type



4-20 mA (Pressure)
Digital (Temperature)

Input Voltage Range

8-30 VDC

Available Pressure Ranges

50  300  500  1,000  1,500  2,000  3,000  5,000 psiA

Pressure Accuracy

± 0.1% Full Scale (1)

Temperature Range

-40°C to 105°C (-40°F to 221°F)

Temperature Accuracy

± 2°C

Vibration Resistance

10g at 10-2000Hz

Shock Resistance

80g, 3-axes

Impact Resistance

500g, 1-axis

Construction Material

Stainless Steel 316L

Overall Length

11.50″ / 292.1mm

Outside Diameter

0.95″ / 24.13mm

Process Connection

1/4″ NPT Male

Applicable Standards

IEC 60079-0: 2007-10
IEC 60079-11: 2006

Cathodic Protection


Sacrificial Anode


Patented Easy-ConnectTM Cablehead


Leak-Proof Design


Pressure Testable Design


ISO Certified Manufacturing


(1) Accuracy calculated as a statistical average from a sample of 100 units after 4-point verification at 20°C with a maximum single-point error of ±0.5% FS.

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