GEOESP 150 Dual

The GEOESP 150 Dual is a reliable, accurate, and re-deployable downhole gauge designed specifically for use with ESP systems.

GEOESP 150 Dual EV Downhole ESP gauge (Web) GEO PSI

GEOESP 150 Dual – Downhole ESP Gauge

The GEOESP 150 Dual Downhole Gauge is designed to be mounted below the electrical submersible pump (ESP) system bottomhole assembly with an industry-standard flange connection. The reliable data this gauge provides allows for major efficiency gains for the well, and can help protect the system and minimize downtime.

Improved ESP Run Life

Optimized Production

Universally Compatible

Technical Specifications

Pump Discharge Pressure

Utilizing a pump discharge sub and a high-quality 4mm control line made in-house at our GEO PSI headquarters, the GEOESP 150 Dual gauge provides optional pump discharge pressure measurement. This enables an even greater level of insight for operators as to the optimization and health of the overall ESP system.

GEOESP 150 Dual EV Pump Discharge (Highlighted) GEO PSI

3 Phase Modular ESP Choke

The GEO PSI 3 Phase Modular ESP Choke offers a unique modular design. This enables users to install the components in a variety of locations as either a complete unit, or in separate pieces. This simple modular design provides unparalleled versatility and cost savings to the end user. A lockable & weatherproof cabinet provides secure protection to internal components. And easy access to electrical connections allow for easy configuration within the transformer, and flexibility to make modifications over time.

3 Phase Modular ESP Choke (Cabinet Open) [Web] GEO PSI

E6 Interface Card

The E6 Interface Card is a premium downhole telemetry decoder that takes the raw signal from the downhole gauge, and converts it into usable data. When used with our ESP gauges and the corresponding surface choke the E6 Interface Card connects the downhole tool to the surface data acquisition equipment. The non-proprietary design allows the output data to be tied in to almost any traditional SCADA or other surface data acquisition setup.

Real-Time Data Applications



(5,800 psi*)

The GEOESP 150 Dual is designed to measure both Pump Intake & Pump Discharge pressure up to 5,800 psi, with an optional 10,000 psi variant available.



The GEOESP 150 Dual is designed to measure Pump Intake temperature up to 150°C and Motor Oil/Windings temperature up to 250°C.


(± 10g)

The GEOESP 150 Dual is designed to accurately measure X & Z vibration up to 10g.

Lightning Bolt Icon GEO PSI

Current Leakage
(25.0mA, 0.1mA, 0.01mA)

The GEOESP 150 Dual is designed to accurately measure downhole current leakage.


Landed Position
(Relative Bearing [360°] / Tilt [90°])

The GEOESP 150 Dual is designed to accurately measure landed position within the completion.


Pump Intake & Discharge Pressure
Intake & Motor Oil Temperature
X & Z Axis Vibration
Current Leakage
Landed Position Within Completion

Construction Material

Stainless Steel 420

(Other materials available upon request*)


34.30” / 87.13cm

Flange Size

375 or 456 (1)

Outside Diameter

3.75” / 95.25mm (2)

Seal Type


Pressure Measurement Location

Pump Intake

Pump Discharge


Pressure Intervals

7 Seconds

23 Seconds

Pressure Range

5,800 psiA (2)

5,800 psiA (2)

Pressure Accuracy

0.1% Full Scale

0.1% Full Scale

Pressure Resolution

0.1 psi

0.1 psi

Temperature Measurement Location

Pump Intake

Motor Oil / Windings

Temperature Intervals

7 Seconds

7 Seconds

Temperature Range



Temperature Accuracy



Temperature Resolution



Vibration Measurement

X & Z Axis

Vibration Range


Vibration Accuracy

1% Full Scale

Vibration Resolution


Vibration Intervals

23 Seconds

Current Leakage

25.0mA, 0.1mA, 0.01mA

Landed Position Within Completion

Relative Bearing (360°) / Tilt (90°)

Landed Position Resolution


* This gauge can be manufactured in a variety of different materials based on clients’ need and the material used for the tubing string. For material options please contact us.
** If pump discharge pressure is not needed the gauges discharge pressure port can be plugged or used as redundant measurement point.
(1) 375 or 456 tool head flange size. Wide range of standard motor adapters available upon request.
(2) 10,000 psi option available upon request. To accommodate higher pressures some mechanical specifications will vary including thicker gauge housing and 4.25” Outside Diameter.

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