The GEOHV 125 is a breakthrough gauge that is immune to signal noise from high-voltage cables and surface equipment.

GEOHV 125 Downhole Gauge GEO PSI

GEOHV 125 – Downhole Gauge

The GEOHV 125 is a breakthrough downhole gauge designed to specifically address a common problem for operators of high-powered equipment or with noisy wellsites. With high-voltage surface or downhole equipment, there can often be excessive electromagnetic noise which can overwhelm downhole signals. In these instances, there is no way of getting critical downhole pressure and temperature data. Until now.

Immunity To Ambient Signal Noise

Easy-ConnectTM Cablehead

Universally Compatible

Our team has developed a gauge capable of running on our standard 4mm TEC with our industry-leading patented Easy-ConnectTM Cablehead connection that is immune to signal noise. This means that no matter the electrical environment, this gauge will be able to reliably deliver every packet of data to SCADA with full resolution and accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Complex Monitoring, Simplified

When producers have to deal with challenging completions it can at times prove too difficult to implement downhole monitoring. The number of accessories needed, troubleshooting, and expensive changes to VSDs or high-voltage cables can prove too costly to implement or justify. In these cases, operators miss out on the abundance of operational efficiencies gained through the utilization of real-time downhole pressure and temperature data.

With the GEOHV 125 the solution to this headache is turn-key, requiring no expensive troubleshooting, changes to the completion, or expensive accessories. All that’s needed to begin reliably monitoring downhole is to deploy the gauge and cable as you would any other permanent downhole gauge, and tie into the compact surface interface card.

Available Deployment

Despite its advanced capability, this gauge can be deployed like any other permanent dowhole gauge.


Deployment Icon (Suspended) GEO PSI


Deployment Icon (Tubing) GEO PSI


Deployment Icon (Casing) GEO PSI

Dual Temperature Measurement

The unique feature set of the GEOHV 125 includes multiple temperature measurement points. Located in different areas of the tool, yet offering the same incredible accuracy and resolution, this enables a number of temperature measurement options for the end-user depending on how the tool is deployed and connected to the completion.

When the gauge is installed so as to measure the annulus/reservoir, these points offer fantastic redundant measurement. When the gauge is connected via an internally ported carrier, the first temperature point alongside the pressure transducer will measure internal temperature, and the second point will measure external/annulus temperature.

GEOHV 125 (Measurement Points) GEO PSI

Interface Card Capabilities

The GEOHV 125 gauge is extremely capable, packing four measurement parameters into such a small package. While every gauge comes ready to provide high-quality reservoir pressure, dual temperature, and head voltage data to surface, we have developed multiple surface solutions designed to meet the needs of every budget.

ESP Mini Interface Module

This low-cost interface module provides users an easy way to access the basics, making it perfect for any well.

Parameters enabled:

  • Reservoir Pressure

M6 Interface Card

This premium interface card unlocks every feature available to the GEOHV 125 and provides SCADA output in multiple formats.

Parameters enabled:

  • Reservoir Pressure
  • Temperature Point #1
  • Temperature Point #2
  • Head Voltage


The GEOHV 125 gauge is designed for versatility and universal compatibility. Below are a few of the common accessories that are used to complete the GEOHV monitoring system.


GEOHV Line Filter

Real-Time Data Applications



Reservoir Pressure
(10,000 psi)

The GEOHV 125 is designed to accurately measure pressure up to 10,000 psi.


Temperature Point #1

The GEOHV 125 is designed to accurately measure temperature at the pressure sensor up to 125°C (257°F).


Temperature Point #2

The GEOHV 125 is designed to accurately measure temperature inside the tool up to 125°C (257°F).

Lightning Bolt Icon GEO PSI

Head Voltage

The GEOHV 125 is designed to measure head voltage from the cablehead connection.


Downhole Pressure
Temperature Point #1*
Temperature Point #2*
Head Voltage*

Input Voltage



16 Bit 4-20mA, Modbus*

(Via suface interface card)

Voltage Rating

3KVAC (1)

Construction Material

Stainless Steel 316L

(Other materials available upon request)

Overall Length

17.75” / 45.09cm

Outside Diameter

1.05” / 26.67mm

Sensor Type


Available Pressure Ranges

500  750  1,000  1,500  3,000  5,000  6,000
10,000 psiA

Pressure Accuracy

± 0.05% Full Scale (1)

Pressure Drift

± 0.2% Full Scale per year

Pressure Sample Rate

20-25 Seconds

Temperature Rating

125°C (257°F)

Temperature Measurement Location

Point #1*

(Pressure sensor)


(Inside the tool)

Temperature Accuracy



Temperature Sample Rate

20-25 Seconds

20-25 Seconds

Head Voltage Measurement


Shock & Vibration Resiliency

10g at 10-2000Hz

Process Connection

1/4” Autoclave HF4

Patented Easy-ConnectTM Cablehead


Leak-Proof Design


Pressure Testable Design


ISO Certified Manufacturing


* Feature available exclusively with the use of M6 Interface Card.
(1) Performance specs achieved when using M6 Interface Card with Modbus output.

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