This innovative gauge features no electronics downhole dramatically increasing reliability and longevity.

GEOTRU 125 Gauge (Web) GEO PSI

GEOTRU 125 – Permanent Downhole Gauge

Our GEOTRU 125 gauge is an ultra-reliable downhole tool that is designed specifically to provide accurate long-term data. Due to the use of quality materials, and the use of a groundbreaking internal design, this gauge can survive in downhole environments where many other gauges would fail.


Intrinsically Safe

Leak-Proof Design

Technical Specifications

Removing All Downhole Electronics

Our GEOTRU technology removes all electronics from the gauge itself and transfers them to the T6 gauge controller at surface.

By removing the most vulnerable component of a gauge and moving it to surface not only do we dramatically increase reliability and maximum operating temperature, it also increases serviceability. Any troubleshooting related to electronics can now be done at surface without any need to pull and re-run the gauge.

This breakthrough technology takes our already industry-leading reliability to the next level.

Intrinsically Safe Certified

Safety is critical for various pressure and temperature monitoring applications such as natural gas and propane storage, mining, shipping, and other industrial or chemical process environments. GEOTRU gauges with proper installation are certified as intrinsically safe, offering premium capability and safety for even the most unique applications.


Compatible With

The GEOTRU 125 gauge is designed for versatility and reliability. Below are a few of the common accessories that are used to complete the GEOTRU monitoring system.

Real-Time Data Applications



Pressure (15,000 psi)

The GEOTRU 125 is designed to accurately measure pressure within available ranges between 300 – 15,000 psi.


Temperature (125°C)

The GEOTRU 125 is designed to accurately measure temperature up to 125°C (257°F).


Pressure & Temperature

Input Voltage Range

12-24 VDC

Available Pressure Ranges

300  500  750  1,000  1,500  3,000  5,000  6,000  10,000  15,000 psiA

Pressure Resolution

± 0.00001% Full Scale

Pressure Accuracy

± 0.05% Full Scale

Pressure Drift

± 0.2% Full Scale per year

Temperature Rating


Temperature Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Temperature Drift

± 0.5°C per year

Temperature Resolution

± 0.00001% Full Scale

Construction Material

Stainless Steel 316L or Inconel 718


Modbus RS485 or 4-20mA (1)

Standard Pressure

Low Pressure


Overall Length

7.59″ / 192.9mm

9.02″ / 229.0mm

Outside Diameter

0.875” / 22.2mm

0.950” / 24.1mm

Process Connection

1/4″ Autoclave HF4

1/4″ NPT Male

Vibration Resistance

20g, 20-5000 Hz

Shock Resistance

100g, 10mS

Leak-Proof Design


ISO Certified Manufacturing


Intrinsically Safe Certification

Ex ia IIA T4… T1 Ga

Compatible TEC

1/4″ or 4mm Quadline TEC

(1) via T6 Surface Interface Card.

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