Protectors & Carriers

Premium protectors & carriers for both Light & Heavy Duty solutions

Cable Protectors

There are thousands of different configurations of cable protectors that we offer. Yours will be optimized for the specifications of your tubing and casing, as well as the deviation and unique characteristics of your system.


Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

Our heavy-duty cable protectors provide the most protection for downhole instrumentation cable in severe conditions. They are ideal for wells that are highly deviated or horizontal. They also protect against oscillation found in high capacity ESP and PC pumps.


Light-Duty Cable Protectors

Our light-duty cable protectors prevent damage to downhole instrumentation cable in wells that are vertical, or have less than 30° deviation. We recommend our light-duty cable protectors for bare or encapsulated cable in situations where banding alone is not enough.

Take A Look At Our Installation Procedures

Follow along with some of our talented service team members as we show you all that goes into the installation and removal of downhole cable protectors! We take a detailed look at how to properly install cast clamps, stamped clamps, and light-duty banded protectors.

Downhole Centralizer Clamp

Our downhole centralizer clamp provides a simple, cost effective solution for centralizing and protecting downhole instrumentation in a tubing string.


Gauge Carriers

Our uni-body gauge mandrel is designed to provide maximum protection for the downhole sensor without compromising strength or drift in the tubing string. It is ideal for wells that are highly deviated or horizontal, as well as high-pressure applications.


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