Surface Electronics

Surface Electronics play a crucial role in the interpretation and delivery of downhole data. We engineer all of our surface electronics to ensure the seamless retrieval and transmission of all pertinent downhole data.

We manufacture all of our own surface electronics. From gauge interface cards, to data acquisition systems, to solar RTU’s, we design all of our systems to ensure maximum quality and reliability in the extreme on-site environments found throughout our industry.

Our focus is producing the most reliable and dependable downhole monitoring systems on the market, and these on-surface systems play a critical role in linking downhole data with automated artificial lift control and on-site SCADA.

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Interface Cards

Our interface cards are designed to convert the raw telemetry from our downhole gauges into universally compatible formats such as 4-20mA and 485 Modbus. Each interface card is specifically designed to match with a particular family of GEO PSI gauges and is made to enable their unique capability.


Compatible Gauge Types:

Compatible Gauge Types:

Compatible Gauge Types:

Compatible Gauge Types:

Data Acquisition Cabinets

The most important aspect of downhole monitoring is effectively integrating data into your networks and control systems. Our easy to operate, touchscreen data acquisition system can easily connect with any of the following systems:

– Distributed Control System (DSC) or VSD
– Pressure Gauges
– Flow Meters
– Actuators
– Tank storage-level equipment
– Etc…

In addition to this, it features up to 32gb of onboard memory, and has a safe operating temperature range of -50°C to 75°C.

Remote Rolar Systems

We are a leader in providing reliable solar solutions. Through excellent workmanship and component selection, we produce solar RTU’s which are CSA approved for hazardous locations, and are built to withstand all kinds of extreme weather. Their practical design and easy to use back pan make them a great addition to any remote work site.

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