ESP Mini Interface Module

A cost-effective downhole telemetry decoder with a user-friendly interface, and non-proprietary compatibility.

ESP Mini Interface Module (Web) GEO PSI

ESP Mini Interface Module

The ESP Mini Interface Module is a downhole telemetry decoder that takes the raw signal from the ESP Mini 125 and GEOHV 125 gauges, and converts it into usable 0/4-20mA output. Once the high-voltage ESP motor wires which carry the raw signal are stepped down via our ESP choke, the low-voltage signal is sent to the ESP Mini Interface Module which then outputs direct 0/4-20mA pressure data. This 0/4-20mA output can then be tied into any compatible surface equipment such as SCADA, VSD, etc…

Cost Effective

Direct 0/4-20mA Output

Universally Compatible

Technical Specifications

Physical Features

Our ESP Mini Interface Module is designed with clever integrated features to improve usability. Users will enjoy easy access to terminal connections and integrated DIN rail mounting.

ESP Mini Interface Module (Front) GEO PSI

Easy Access To Terminal Connections

Integrated DIN Rail Mounting

Works With

Our ESP Mini Interface Module is designed to work our revolutionary ESP Mini and GEOHV gauges. This interface card is perfect for users looking for a cost-effective means of collecting 0/4-20mA pressure data.

Real-Time Data Applications


Compatible Gauge Types



1.73” / 43.94mm


4.55” / 115.57mm


3.54” / 89.92mm

Input Voltage

12-24 VDC

Line Voltage

120 VDC

Data Output

0/4-20mA (1)

Temperature Rating

-40°C to 85°C

ISO Certified Manufacturing


(1) Data output from the ESP Mini Interface Module is pressure only configurable to 0-20mA or 4-20mA.

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