M6 Interface Card

A premium downhole telemetry decoder with a user-friendly interface, and non-proprietary compatibility.

M6 Gauge Controller (Web) GEO PSI

M6 Downhole Gauge Telemetry Decoder

The M6 Interface Card is a downhole telemetry decoder that takes the raw signal from the downhole gauge and converts it into usable data. When used with our ESP Mini gauge and corresponding surface choke, or our GEOHV gauges, the M6 Interface Card connects the downhole tool to the surface data acquisition equipment. The non-proprietary design allows the output data to be tied into almost any traditional SCADA or other surface data acquisition setup.

Unlocks Full Gauge Capability

Direct Modbus Output

Universally Compatible

Technical Specifications

LED Lights

The LED lights on the M6 gauge controller indicate the various status of the interface card that is useful for verifying operation and easy troubleshooting. These three lights help users quickly authenticate the raw signal received from the downhole gauge, the successful delivery of a full data packet, and the successful delivery of RS485 Modbus data.

M6 Interface Card (Top Down) [No Shadow] GEO PSI

Unlocks Full Measurement Capability

Designed to work with ESP Mini and GEOHV gauges, the M6 Interface Card enables the full suite of measurement parameters giving users full visibility of their downhole environment.

ESP Mini 125 Downhole Gauge GEO PSI

ESP Mini 125

GEOHV 125 Downhole Gauge GEO PSI


M6 Interface Card Setup

Below is a diagram showing how the M6 Interface card integrates into a surface data aquisition setup when used with either an ESP Mini or GEOHV gauge. The 3 Phase Modular ESP Choke or the GEOHV Line Filter provides voltage protection and signal filtering before the raw signal is interpreted by the M6.

M6 Interface Card Setup Diagram GEO PSI

Mounting Options

Our M6 Interface Card is designed to integrate into a number of surface setups. Users can mount this interface card using our DIN Rail bracket or the Mounting Clip depending on the application.

G6 Din Rail Bracket GEO PSI

DIN Rail Bracket

Mounting Clip

Works With

Our M6 Interface Card is designed to work our revolutionary ESP Mini and GEOHV gauges gauges.

Real-Time Data Applications


Compatible Gauge Types



1” / 25.40mm


4.99” / 126.75mm


4.01” / 101.85mm

Input Voltage

12-24 VDC

Line Voltage

120 VDC

Power Consumption

165 – 320 mA

Data Output

1/2 Duplex RS485 Modbus

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 85°C

Ex Certification

Class 1 Div 2 Groups CD T6
Ex ec mc IIC T6 Gc (1)

Ex Standards

IEC 60079-0:2017 (2) IEC 60079-7:2015 (3) IEC 60079-18:2014 (4)

Safety Compliance

CSA C22.2 No 61010-1-12 (R2022) (5) CSA C22.2 No 213-17 (6)

ISO Certified Manufacturing


(1) Cert # QPS/ExTR20.0013
(2) For use in explosive atmospheres
(3) Increased safety “e” for use in explosive gas atmospheres
(4) Protection encapsulation “m” for use in explosive gas or dust atmospheres
(5) Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use
(6) Nonincendive electrical equipment for use in CI D2, CII D2, CIII (D1 and D2)

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