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We are the only company in the world that designs, engineers, and manufactures complete permanent downhole pressure & temperature solutions.

Every component of our systems from downhole gauge, to surface electronics, and even the downhole cable connecting it all is manufactured by us in order to maximize reliability.

Our Solutions

We provide specialized fit for purpose solutions for even the most hostile well conditions. We have highly cost effective solutions, specialized high-precision solutions, and everything in-between. Since every component is designed and manufactured to work together seamlessly, we can ensure maximum reliability. 


Artificial Lift

The right downhole data is critical to maximizing efficiency & ROI for artificial lift systems. We can provide an optimized solution based on the type of lift, and the unique characteristics of your well.


Reservoir Surveillance

When surveying a reservoir, reliable data is priceless. Our reservoir surveillance solutions will provide you with the highest resolution downhole data possible.


High Temperature

Accurate, real time data is critical to managing a high-temp downhole environment efficiently. At GEO PSI we have the most reliable high-temp solutions available



Environmental downhole monitoring is essential for maximizing production, and avoiding costly errors. Our systems can provide an accurate and cost effective solution.

Benefits Of Buying A Complete Solution

Our systems are designed from the ground up to meet your specific needs, and to achieve the highest performance and reliability.

1. Reliability

You will likely hear this word a lot from us, and that’s because its the reason we do what we do. At Geo PSI we control the specifications and manufacturing quality assurance for the entire downhole monitoring system as a whole. This increases reliability, as well as performance of our systems. To learn more about the benefits of our unique vertical integration click here.

2. Accountability

Nobody likes finger pointing when something goes wrong. When we sell an entire system we are 100% accountable for manufacturer warranty, and that’s how we like it.

3. Cost Savings

We build and ship every component ourselves. We eliminate unnecessary middlemen markups and pass our savings onto our customers.

4. Logistics

Forget the days of managing complex delivery timelines, multiple purchase transactions, and high delivery costs. Our extensive inventory reduces lead times, and being a “one-stop-shop” makes for a simplified purchasing experience. We understand that time is money, and by sourcing your complete system from us, you will have more of both to work with.

5. Service & Support

Most importantly, our customers have piece of mind knowing that they have purchased the most reliable system on the market, from a company that offers full system accountability and support options. Support is provided by our team of dedicated professionals who completely understand our entire product line. To learn more about our service offerings click here.

Components Of A System

Every system is unique. Specialized components and accessories are used to achieve the desired task, while maximizing performance and reliability. Regardless of which specific tools are used, there are 5 different components that are a part of every system we provide.

The gauge (or downhole thermocouple depending on the application) is the tool that sits downhole and generates data on pressure, temperature, etc… Often times there will be a gauge at the bottom of the well, as well as throughout the well (“in-line”). Our specialized gauges are of the highest quality and reliability.

Because of the hostile environment that is present downhole, gauge carriers, and cable protectors are needed. They secure the location of the gauge and cable relative to the tubing, as well as protect it from mechanical damage.

Special cabling is needed to carry the data from the gauges to the surface. It needs to be strong to survive the violent conditions downhole, and reliable as repairs can be very costly. Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC) features heavily insulated conductors, wrapped in a protective metal casing. Our custom made TEC features an innovative design that results in the highest performance on the market.

A wellhead feed-through is needed to allow the cabling to safely exit the well. This specialized component is used to prevent the exchange of gas, liquid, or pressure from inside the well to the outside environment. It does so while still allowing the cabling to pass through by utilizing metal to metal seals, and hermetically sealed glass barriers. This component is critical for both safety and data integrity.

In order to make use of the data being generated by your downhole gauges, surface electronics are needed. Gauge controllers take the input signal and convert it into a usable form, then the data acquisition system displays and organizes your data. Just like our other system components, our surface electronics are engineered to provide the highest performance and reliability possible.


For us, reliability is always job 1. You can be assured knowing that your GEO PSI system will be the most dependable downhole monitoring solution avalible.

All Solutions

Below is a list of our most common solutions. On the corresponding pages you will find relevant information about the benefits and common components found in our systems. If you wish to have one of our team members recommend a custom solution built specifically for your well please complete the form below.

Below is a list of our most common solutions. On the corresponding pages you will find relevant information about the benefits and common components found in our systems. If you wish to have one of our team members recommend a custom solution built specifically for your well please complete contact us.

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