Artificial Lift Solutions

The right downhole data is critical to maximizing efficiency & ROI for artificial lift systems.

We provide optimized solutions based on the type of lift, and the unique characteristics of your well.


Why run a GEO PSI solution for your artificial lift system?

Running an artificial lift system is all about maximizing return on investment. Producing as much as possible, in the most efficient manor possible is critical to staying profitable. Some of the key highlights that our artificial lift solutions will provide are as follows:

Maximize Recovery

Our solutions will provide you with high quality real-time data to help you better understand your reservoir. Knowing more means you can employ the right strategy to get the most out of your well.

Improve Efficiency

Reducing costs is critical running a profitable artificial lift system. In order to help you stay deep in the black, our high precision real-time gauges help you run your system as efficiently as possible.

Maximize Up-Time

Our solutions, from Downhole Gauge, to TEC, to Surface Electronics are made with reliability in mind. Not only are each of our individual components the most reliable on the market, but being that they were designed to be a part of an integrated system means that gone are the days of having to worry about a weak link. With the smart technologies integrated into each of our downhole digital gauges, troubleshooting is a breeze. And with every GEO PSI solution comes unrivaled customer support by a team of dedicated staff. With our short lead times we help you get a system in your well fast, and we help you keep it running.

System Automation

10 years ago, automation was the future of the oil and gas industry… In 2024, it’s becoming the standard. The cost of running multiple salaried crew members with vehicles, fuel, and insurance is steadily increasing. If you are interested in drastically reducing costs, while eliminating any risk of human error, our high precision digital artificial lift solutions can help you add the automation you need to keep your system profitable.

System Protection

Certain high power artificial lift systems, if not properly monitored, can do serious damage to your well or the system itself. Having the right tools to measure downhole speed and vibration can help prevent, or alert crews of imminent failure. Having such information can drastically improve the safety of your well, and save you the burden of costly down-time and repairs.

Artificial Lift Applications

Below is a list of some of the most common applications of Artificial Lift systems. While we provide fit for purpose solutions for all systems, there are many unique, application specific benefits that our solutions provide.

Jet Pump

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Jet Pump system.

Progressive Cavity Pump

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Progressive Cavity Pump system.

Rod Pump

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Rod Pump system.

Gas Lift

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Gas Lift system.


A GEO PSI solution could benefit your ESP system.

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