Environmental Solutions

Environmental downhole monitoring is essential for ensuring protection, and avoiding costly errors.

Whether it’s for renewable energy production, or monitoring for environmental sustainability, our systems can provide an accurate and cost effective solution.


Why run a GEO PSI environmental solution for your system?

When running an environmental system, maintaining both reliability and cost efficiency is critical. Having the right real-time data can be the difference between making, and avoiding a costly error. Some of the key highlights that our environmental solutions will provide are as follows:

Cost Efficiency

In many cases with environmental applications, keeping costs to a minimum is a top priority. We have a wide range of solutions available, including extremely cost effective solutions which still maintain the industry leading quality and reliability you would expect from GEO PSI.


When dealing with high-risk environmental applications, having unreliable data could lead to a costly mistake. Our solutions provide you with the most reliable data possible to ensure proper environmental protection.

Hostile Environment Protection

Depending on the nature of the downhole environment, it can be difficult to find systems that will survive and still provide accurate data. Our solutions have the ability to survive both highly corrosive environments, and high temperatures while still providing extremely reliable results.

Renewable Compatibility

Our systems are not just used for oil & gas applications! Our solutions provide the necessary data to maximize production from a range of different renewable energy sources as well. They are commonly used around the world for things such as Geo-Thermal optimization, and different environmental applications such as ground H2O monitoring.

Environmental Applications

Below is a list of some of the most common environmental applications of our solutions. While we provide fit for purpose solutions for all systems, there are many unique, application specific benefits that our solutions provide.

Geo-Thermal Optimization

A GEO PSI solution could help optimize your Geo-Thermal system.

Ground Water Monitoring

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Ground Water Monitoring system.

Waste Disposal Monitoring

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Waste Disposal Monitoring system.

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