High-Temperature Solutions

Accurate, real time data is critical to managing a high-temp downhole environment efficiently.

Engineering durable solutions is one thing. But providing accurate, high resolution data with minimal drift is a feat that few have achieved. At GEO PSI we provide the most reliable high-temp solutions available.


Why run a GEO PSI solution for your high-temperature system?

Running a high-temperature system means there are many challenges which must be overcome. When it comes to monitoring downhole conditions, many gauges fail at such high temperatures. At GEO PSI we have engineered solutions which are not only capable of withstanding high-temperature environments, but are also able to provide accurate digital data. Some of the key benefits that our high-temperature solutions will provide are as follows:

Industry Leading Durability

Our solutions are engineered to withstand extremely high-temperature environments. Where most electronic gauges will fail, we have engineered methods of producing accurate, and reliable downhole digital data without risk of failure.

High Resolution

Through utilizing advanced technologies, our solutions are able to provide you with the highest resolution data possible. This type of data is hard to come by in high-temp environments, and can be priceless when optimizing a high-temp well.

High Accuracy

Its one thing to have a lot of data, but in many cases quality is more important than quantity. Our solutions are built to the highest specifications, and are precisely calibrated to provide you with the most accurate data possible.

Improve Efficiency

When running high-temperature systems such as within SAGD, lots of money and energy is put into producing the necessary heat. Having high accuracy real-time data means that steam can be applied in a controlled manor. This will eliminate the spikes and dips of heat that were previously experienced in SAGD applications. The right solution will improve efficiency, thus reducing costs.

System Protection

Having the ability to accurately monitor temperature beyond certain thresholds is useful when troubleshooting potential errors in a system. Having the right solution means not having “blind spots” and always understanding what is happening downhole.

High-Temperature Applications

Below is a list of some of the most common applications of High-Temperature systems. While we provide fit for purpose solutions for all systems, there are many unique, application specific benefits that our solutions provide.

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your SAGD system.


A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Geo-Thermal system.

Extreme Reservoir Temperature Monitoring

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your Extreme Reservoir Temperature Monitoring system.

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