Reservoir Surveillance Solutions

When surveying a reservoir, having reliable data is a must.

Our reservoir surveillance solutions will provide you with the most accurate, and highest resolution downhole data possible. And being that your complete system is from GEO PSI, you can make multi-million dollar decisions confidently knowing that your system and data is reliable.


Why run a GEO PSI solution for your reservoir surveillance system?

When surveying a reservoir, reliable data is necessary for making informed decisions. Our high resolution, high accuracy systems provide you with the data you need. Some of the key highlights that our reservoir surveillance solutions will provide are as follows:

High Resolution

Through utilizing advanced technologies, our solutions are able to provide you with the highest resolution data possible. This data can be priceless when testing and surveying a reservoir. The more precise data you have, the more you will know about your reservoir.

High Accuracy

It’s one thing to have a lot of data, but in many cases quality is more important than quantity. Our solutions are built to the highest specifications, and are precisely calibrated to provide you with the most accurate data possible.


Having a GEO PSI system means that every component has been engineered and manufactured to work together as a complete system. Our products are the most durable in the industry, and have been rigorously tested and certified to ensure longevity. When it comes to making critical decisions based off of reservoir testing, our solutions are the most reliable in the industry.

Multi-Zone Observation

Our solutions have the ability to run up to 10 different gauges on a single cable. This means you can observe multiple zones within your reservoir without the complexity of running multiple gauges on individual cables. The smart technologies integrated into our gauges, and our advanced surface electronics are able to process this information and provide you with clear, usable data.

Reservoir Surveillance Applications

Below is a list of some of the most common applications of Reservoir Surveillance systems. While we provide fit for purpose solutions for all systems, there are many unique, application specific benefits that our solutions provide.

Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT)

A GEO PSI solution could benefit your DFIT system.

Reservoir Evaluation & Analysis

A GEO PSI solution could assist you in Reservoir Evaluation & Analysis.

Decline Analysis

A GEO PSI solution could assist you in Decline Analysis.

Multi-Zone Monitoring

A GEO PSI solution could assist you in Multi-Zone Monitoring.

Free Monitoring

A GEO PSI solution could assist you in Free Monitoring.

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